So you may be thinking I don’t need an eye cream just a bit of extra moisturiser around your eyes will be fine or do you find that if you put eye cream on your mascara seams to end up smudging and you look a bit like you’ve got a black eye!! so you don’t bother.

Well if you are either of those people or aren’t sure how much or which eye cream or where to put it I’ll try to help you out here.

Firstly eye creams in general are a slightly lighter textured cream so they tend not to give you puffy eyes. They will also have different ingredients in them usually to do with anti ageing or rejuvenating as this is usually what we want around our eyes. So this is why I think its better to use an eye specific cream.

If you find your mascara smudges when you use and eye cream it may be because your not letting the cream absorb enough before you apply your mascara – I know were all very busy but if you can give you moisturiser 2 – 5 mins to absorb into your skin you may find this helps to stop it smudging.

I’ve recently been using a GREEN PEOPLE eye cream. Its scent and perfume free so great for sensitive eyes and is priced at £9.50 so not a bad price either. Its also free from any harsh or harmful ingredients!