Green People Day Moisturiser SPF 15

So I have just started to use Green People Day moisturiser SPF 15 as my day cream, I wanted to start using an organic( no nasty chemicals) moisturiser with an SPF in it so I choose the Green People one.

So far so good, its quite a thick moisturiser but it doesn’t feel greasy or thick when you apply it to your skin. It absorbs really well and I can put my Lily Lolo Foundation on after a couple of minutes as with any other moisturiser. Its also suitable for all type of skin.

I wanted to use a moisturiser with an SPF in it over the summer ( Lol, If we ever get a summer,Ha Ha) to protect my skin from the sun so that I don’t have to remember to put sun cream on over my moisturiser when its a sunny day. (Obviously if I was going to sunbath I would put sun cream on or re-apply the moisturiser on a regular basis so as not to burn!!